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We literally drilled Doug with questions and he rose to the occasion!

Justin Schenck, Growth Now, LLC

“Long term success in business is based upon relationships – relationships with your employees, with your customers, with your stakeholders, and, most importantly, with your family. Doug Hacking, the author of Relationship Resonance, is a relationship guru. I highly recommend you tap into Doug’s relationship building insights to increase employee engagement and customer longevity, as well as family fulfillment. If you do, you will see the results on your bottom line and in the enjoyment of your family.”

Rob Garibay, Business GrowthExpert, ClarityPro, 2720 Washington Dr. Suite 100, Norman, OK 73069

(405) 684-1021  

Rob Garibay, Business Coach, Clarity Pro
There is a great thirst across our country for help; for true wisdom from others that when applied may improve your life. In this book, you will find a treasure of actionable wisdom. The author, Doug Hacking, has lived experiences and acquired wisdom we can all use.

He is well ahead of the curve. Along the way Doug has analyzed his life events as well as researching numerous related fields. The result is his terrific book, Relationship Resonance for Life .I ’m certainly impressed and you too, will be.

Gary England, VP Corporate Relations & Weather Development - Griffin Communications

Doug recently spoke to our local SHRM Chapter on Relationship Resonance. Doug did a fantastic job, he has that rare ability to both inform and entertain. The energy level he brings as a speaker is contagious with the audience and helped captivate and engage us as a group. I also appreciate that after the presentation Doug stuck around to have one on one conversations with our members. Since the presentation I have had numerous members of our group request to have Doug back out to speak. If you are looking for a presenter that is easy to work with and will entertain your group while sharing information, I highly recommend Doug Hacking!

Chase Massie, PHR, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Manager at Henniges Automotive

Doug recentlyspokeat one of ourbusiness classes for business ownersand entrepreneurs. Wedo thesewitha speaker monthlyand have been for about a yearand a halfand Doug wasone of myabsolutefavorites. The information hepresentedwashighlyinformative, hedidan excellent job of keepingthe audience engagedand hewasveryentertaining.Wealsoreceivedgreatfeedback fromthe attendees. Davis Law wouldlove to have himspeakagainand I encourage othersto have himas a presenteras well.Veryimpressive!

Nicole Winfield, Marketing Director, Davis Law

Because I’ve been with Farmers Insurance for 15 years, the people I work with respect my opinion, especially the newer employees, and I can tell when I point out something good that they’ve done, I can see how appreciative they become for being acknowledged. It makes THEM feel good and it makes ME feel good because I can see how much that means to them. And the key, like you pointed out, is sincerity!

BJ Payahsape, LUTCF, Farmers Ins. Auto Claims Adjuster

Had an employee meeting today. Lots of complaints lately and work has digressed. Turnover rate has been constant due to an influx of rules set by my contract. I used the EQUIP model throughout my presentation, and as I shook everyone’s hand at the ending, every one of my guys replied with “Thank you boss for understanding our needs and giving us the opportunity to work for YOU”. I definitely strengthened my relationships with my employees today as I positively resonated their work ethic. Thank you Doug, you showed me a much more mature way to react – and it’s looking up.

Randy Duckworth, Owner - Duckworth Delivery, LLC

Doug asked me my favorite element of the EQUIP model. I had a really hard time picking a favorite because they are all so important. One of the things that stuck out to me, though, was the chapter about encouragement, specifically the portion about gratitude. I noticed what a difference it makes to me when I feel appreciated. I have made a conscious effort to say “Thank you” more often to those around me. Not only can this resonate with others, but it affects me when I make that effort to live with more gratitude.

Mary Ann Hacking, Photography By Mary Ann

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