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TedTalk style presentation at the biggest pharmacist convention of the year 2019!

Scale Up People Workshop With Rob Garibay Guest Speaker “Engagement Enhancing System” 2018 / 2019

3-Part Morning show interview with Janet and TJ 2017

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Keynote Speaker – The Power of Relationships

March 30th 2019

Two-Part series with Dr. Kim Kimberling on the Awesome Marriage podcast -Best of Podcasts list!

Part 1
Part 2

Fun and interactive lunch presentation over creating relationship-driven success.


Region 68 Districts 1 and 2 Meeting Presentation “Power of Positive Language”

Region 67 District 9 Meeting Presentation “Stress Management”

Region 68 District 8 Meeting Presentation “Top 10 Ways To Own Your Relationships”

Region 68 District 1 Meeting “Top 10 Ways To Own Your Relationships”

Enid Chapter SHRM-16-TY9VU & HRCI-290814 Approved Message: Relationship Resonance for Employee and Labor Relations


Podcast #13 in the Growth Now Movement Series

Conference Speaker – Work/Life Balance

Leadership Conference 2017 Workshops – Relational ROI & Winning Relational Investments

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Bring The EQUIP variables to life at 3Sixty Entertainment Powerhouse! Located at 7312 Cherokee Plaza, Oklahoma City. Call one of the dance pros today to set up a lesson! 405-203-1669.

Invest in a fun and informative private cooking lesson from Chef Chris as seen on Fox News! One on one, couples or small groups welcome! Mary Ann and I had a blast and can’t wait for our next lesson. Reach out to Chef Chris at

Sometimes the best therapy is simply relaxing with friends. Come out to Juniors any Wednesday evening from 8:30 to close and hear one of my friends Justin Echols sing and preform while you kick back and enjoy some great Jazz.


When we are intentional in observing the world around us, we can be taught a multitude of lessons about life. We learn to smile at the smallest things. We begin to value those things often overlooked. We appreciate more the things normally taken for granted. And by doing so, before we know it, the list of things at which we smile, value and appreciate begin to grow from a few to a lot. My hope is, by sharing with you “My Life of List”, you begin to take a closer look at the things around you and pull up the life-altering and awe-inspiring lessons buried deep beneath what can be the monotony of life. For it is in those small things that the heart of humanity and life’s secrets are discovered.


Often times, people notice the big stories of big teams doing big things. And noticeably so, those stories are memorable and excitingly to hear. But big stories are few and far in between. It’s the little stories that are the building blocks that grow small teams into great teams. It’s the daily interactions, the learning and teachable moments, the consistent greetings, the sincere and transparent communication, the desire and ability to see growth and potential in every opportunity and exchange between people that makes teams great. This book celebrates those moments and highlights those stories.

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