“It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.” – Oscar Wilde

This Personality Matrix contains the people who make up a successful football team. However, these descriptions are just an example of how to think about this particular team and not absolute definitions. For example, a referee can be an extrovert in the real world but for the purposes of this matrix will be a person-oriented introvert. In this matrix, they each contribute their best to score touchdowns in the coveted Relationship Resonance Bowl.

Coaches: Analytical, Serious Planners

Coaches are on the sidelines but manage the game with a serious demeanor. They are constantly assessing the present situation after weeks of analyzing film and planning. They look down at their list of plays and send one in to be executed exactly as it was drawn up. Any deviation from the play design will not be tolerated even if the result is a touchdown. They appear calm and collected while the million scenarios of possible bad outcomes to the play nearly cause them to call a time out to reassess.