Doug Hacking


Doug Hacking received a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Oklahoma in 2000 and a Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2005. He is a former pharmaceutical sales representative and currently works as a pharmacist, adjunct faculty, author, corporate engagement, corporate culture, and employee wellness consultant. He has over fifteen years of professional teaching experience and has devoted over twenty years to researching, practicing, and creating his Relationship Resonance system aimed at helping us all achieve better results in all areas of life through relationship-driven success.

Doug Hacking is a recent recipient of the University of Oklahoma’s Outstanding Preceptor award as well as CVS Health’s Paragon and Regional Preceptor Awards. Doug resides with his wife and three children in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he attends and serves at Life.Church.


To my talented daughter, Meredith, for creating the chapter illustrations; you are only ten and already such an amazing artist! To my beloved wife, and super-pro photographer, Mary Ann; I love my headshot you snapped, and I love you more each day! To Mason and Jacob, thank you for teaching me something every day and giving my heart a whole new meaning of love. To everyone I have had the pleasure of working with or for, thank you for all the good times and lessons. And last but definitely not least , a big THANK YOU to my Heavenly Father for always being in my corner!


As a child, I was dealt 7 to 8 ACE’s <Take the Ace Quiz> which set me up for a life of bad decisions and events. But instead, I used my desire for a good relationship of any kind and my hyperawareness of potential trouble on the horizon to help me survive and unexpectedly thrive in the workplace. Relationships, engagement and employee wellness have always been my passion. Relationship Resonance started accidentally about 20 years ago when I became the president of the pharmaceutical fraternity, Phi Delta Chi. I quickly realized the need for leadership skills. I was in charge of a group of rowdy, intelligent and highly motivated people who were all looking to me for direction. (And not just directions to the next keg party) So I read up on people like Covey and attended every leadership workshop I could get my hands on. I found that focusing on our member’s needs translated into a huge success.

Fortunately, Phi Delta Chi as well as many other pharmacy organizations offered leadership classes at the local, regional and national meetings. I was able to travel coast to coast and get a great grasp on leadership while attending pharmacy school. I fell in love with the subject and spent a majority of my time in its pursuit. In my final year of pharmacy school, I was accepted into the Phi Lambda Sigma leadership organization.

When I graduated pharmacy school, I realized that good leadership leads to good relationships and good results. So I opted for a pharmaceutical sales career with a big pharmaceutical corporation to unleash my plan. This is when I realized I still had much to learn. So I started a part time MBA program with an emphasis on business communication and leadership.

During my industry career, I discovered I had a strong skill for teaching. I was named the district training champion and travelled all over the country to help out with teaching the new sales reps the complexities of the drugs we were selling. Many times I received some encouraging feedback like, “You just taught me in two minutes what these other people have been trying to teach me in two weeks”. When I left the industry our sales team was the highest ranked in the district. But I still had a lot to learn about relationships.

Next, I started working as a retail pharmacist with intentions of skipping many of the middle manager industry jobs. I was going to finish the MBA program then apply for a top industry position. But I surprisingly really enjoyed retail pharmacy. It provided the perfect setting for improving relationships with staff and patients. When I received my MBA, I decided to stay a pharmacist and teach leadership on the side.  This is when I realized leadership is just another term for relationships. If you’re good at leadership then you’re good with relationships.

So I came up with a model that contained all the factors that I had learned and lived which rewarded me with success as a result of having good relationships. I dubbed it Relationship Resonance, and broke it up into two parts: The EQUIP model and Personality Matrix. I worked and refined the system for several years then published it through Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan in 2015.

I picked a Christian publishing company because I realized that everything good stems from the Bible. When I finally started attending church regularly, I discovered that I could easily support my system with biblical references. And I could also find biblical support for the other leadership books on my shelf.

Using the Relationship Resonance system has blessed me with national recognition in every company or organization I have worked for since pharmacy school. It has made me a better worker, boss, friend, father, husband and disciple. It has helped me create a strong and sustainable network for connections. I’ve also been the recipient of many teaching and performance awards. All of these honors were a result of good relationships.

When my relationships are thriving I feel the most fulfilled. All the good experiences with friends and family fuel me to try harder to make a positive impact in this world. It’s what I live for. I still attend relationships conferences and seminars to stay up to date on my passion. It’s really cool to me how I can always incorporate any new findings into the Relationship Resonance system to support it.

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