Let’s Talk About Bias

Derrick Sier drops in to talk about bias and how that can hurt relationships.

Connect Then Lead: The Secret To Relationships

Mary Ann gives Doug his tagline for their business – Relationship Resonance.
But they both need to learn how to turn the live feed off at the end!

Connect then lead: Connection is the key to relationships!

Posted by Doug Hacking on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Song Dedication Gone Wrong

Doug and Mary Ann talk about the problems that relational envy can cause by sharing a personal story.

5 Quick Ways To Rocket-Boost Your Relationships

1) Tell People What They Are Doing RIGHT!

All to often we only hear about the things we have messed up, failed at or need to improve on. Then, if you’re like me, we tend to play those comments over and over in our minds until eventually we start telling ourselves the same stressful stories. So flip the script on negativity and make an effort to tell others what they are good at and doing well.

2) Give Others Your FULL Attention.

Learn to put away the smart-phone and prevent the notifications and distractions from interrupting the conversations you’re having with the people right in front of you. In this fast-paced and multitasking world, it’s easy to let these bad habits wreck both your car and your relationships.

3) ENJOYABLY Understand And Meet People’s Needs.

Just because you solved a problem doesn’t necessarily mean the outcome was positive. Giving a hungry person a snack while lecturing them on their bad life choices doesn’t sound appetizing. Uhhhh, thanks but no thanks. So be sure to make the most of a helping hand by keeping the experience positive on the result and emotional level.

4) Become HEALTHIER!

We all probably know that good diet and exercise leads to better health. But you may not realize just how many mental health benefits are included in that statement.  Being less reactive and more mindful, handling stress easier, and feeling happier are all part to the physical fitness package in your head and are all good in relationships.

5) Be THERE For People.

It’s hard to make an impact when you are  not at the party or if  you’re  at the party and no one even knows you are there. So increase your presence by getting out, getting active and making a positive impact.

 Relationships Win In Business

It was 7:45 and Lowe’s closed in 15 minutes. I was frantically looking for a part to complete the final hook-up on our new hot water heater that I overconfidently thought would be running several hours ago. A friendly employee helped me look for the part but we couldn’t find the right one in stock. I was thinking I would be in big trouble if we went another night without hot water. I asked the employee if there was anyway to locate the old unit that was picked up earlier that day so that we could get the part off it. After searching in the back for awhile with no luck,  the employee called the manager for assistance. The manager thought that maybe my old unit was still on a truck in the parking lot. It was now 8:05 and the manager, me and the employee went outside in the rain to search the trucks. We eventually found the part and the day was saved. The only hot water I would be in that night would be compliments of our shower. The warmth and competence provided by the North Edmond Lowe’s branch definitely elicited some positive emotions and behavior from me as a result. I blogged about it 🙂 , sent a corporate email, and plan to return. (Not to mention the joy of no more cold showers)

The Lowe’s tagline is “Never Stop Improving”. If we all strive to never stop improving our relationships there is no limit to how much better we can make the world.

Top 10 Relationship Tips

1) The correct use of PRAISE can lead to positive emotions and behavior.  <1> <2> <3>

2) Beat stress with APPRECIATION! When we give thanks we actually improve our own physical and mental health. Someone cuts you off in traffic, try to be thankful that you have a car to drive. I know, easier said than done… but the benefits are worth it and your relationship doors will open.  <4><5><6>