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Relationship Resonance contains a two-part system, the EQUIP model and Personality Matrix, aimed at helping you to make a positive impact on any or all of your relationships. It helps you to project both warmth and competence which are two key factors that contribute to positive emotion and behavior.  EQUIP is an acronym representing the key concepts of encouragement, quality time, understanding, investing and presence. I feel that we all need these variables to thrive, so learning how to incorporate them properly can help to bring out the best in yourself as well as others.

The Personality Matrix provides an easy to use platform for understanding, complimenting and combining four common personality types to help achieve better relational outcomes. It allows you to balance strengths and gives you opportunities for personal growth.

Relationship Resonance works for any type of relationship: personal, professional and spiritual. It has allowed me to become a better friend, relative, spouse, father, boss, employee and disciple. This system has generated a lot of personal success for me and my network and I know it can do the same for you too!